MRQ started as a project between old friends and songwriting partners, Regina and Prassa. Their influences are varied, ranging from country and delta blues (think Son House, Leadbelly and John Hurt, Jimmie Rodgers and Woody Guthrie) to jazz (ranging all the way from Thelonius Monk to Miles) to American icons such as Ry Cooder and Tom Waits, to country/western, to bebop. Regina’s lyrics have been described as “quirky and romantic, sentimental and heart-tugging but always with tongue in cheek.”

A few years ago, Regina and Prassa met Zade, a young singer looking for musicians to pair up with, and the band we know as MRQ got underway. Zade brings mature yet fun interpretation to Regina’s and Prassa’s tunes, and she sings covers with fire and reinvention.

Recently, the band brought on bassist Frandsen, who has spent years traveling the world, playing with the Army and Air Force jazz bands. Another new MRQ member is Chris Stinson on drums.  Chris comes from wide playing experience. Both new members are a natural fit for the band.

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